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Since 2005, ET Solar products have been constantly contributing clean energy to our planet. As a recognized innovator, our success in production, technological development, quality control, and product performance distinguishes us as one of the most reliable solar companies in the world. With more than 5GW of shipments, ET Solar modules are proven to belong to one of the world most reliable brands and are best choices in terms of high quality, excellent performance, and entire lifecycle guarantee.

Smart Solutions

ET Solar delivers leading smart solar energy solutions with proven success references from more than 1GW of installations around the world. As one of the globally recognized solar module suppliers and an end-to-end lifecycle solar power plant services provider with more than 5GW of experience, ET Solar delivers superior system-level results over competitors. With German quality and expertise across the entire solar energy supply chain, we deliver more predictable and bankable PV energy solutions that increase energy yield, reduce LCOE, and provide stable grid integration, resulting in system solutions that maximize value and minimize risk for our customers.

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